Case Study

Case Study

In this example, Sigsbee Consulting was asked to validate the current Home Depot Mobile Application Checkout Process. This multi – part iterative studies was based on merchandise type scenario and begin with Remote Task based session with remote moderated and survey follow-ups conducted as/if needed.

The Challenges

  • The client wanted to know what/if any technical issue/errors consumers were experiencing with the mobile checkout process.
  • Estimate the length of time to complete the mobile checkout process (estimation/not true time task).
  • What aspects of the mobile checkout process are causing confusion/impacting customer comfort?
  • What features/process preference did consumers liked with similar / other sites?

What I did?

            Usability Testing and Design Reiterations

  • Remote tasked basked study with 71 participants
  • Primary task included
  • Purchasing an appliance item to have shipped to home
  • Purchasing merchandise to have shipped to home
  • Purchasing merchandise to have shipped to a local Home Depot store for pick
  • Purchasing two items; a merchandise item and appliance item to have one shipped to home and one shipped to a local Home Depot Store
  • Purchasing two items, searching for one by using a SKU# and having it shipped to home and an appliance item shipped to home.

The Results

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  • Consumers expressed having an overall “very good” experience purchasing items on the mobile app.
  • Sort functionality need to improve so that consumers better understood how products were organized
  • A few tweaks were made to design to make the user interface more useful and easy to learn and use